Missing Teeth? Explore Mini Dental Implants in Brooklyn, NY

For years, dental implants have been the “go to” standard for replacing missing teeth. But for individuals that aren’t candidates for conventional implant therapy, that isn’t an option. Instead, they often rely on removable dentures, bridges, or other reconstructive techniques to give them their smile back.

Not anymore.

Dr. Malka Carmazi is one of the top providers of mini dental implants in Brooklyn, NY. With mini implants, it’s possible to restore missing teeth and reinforce appliances such as dentures, even when larger implants aren’t an option.

What Makes Mini Implants Different?

As the name suggests, our mini dental implants in Brooklyn, NY are narrower and shorter than their traditional counterparts. This makes them simpler to place, without invasive surgical procedures. They can be set into the jaw and restored the same day, in many cases.

Because the bone shrinks after a tooth is removed or falls out, it makes it more challenging to install a larger implant later on. Neighboring teeth drift inward, limiting the space available. Mini dental implants can fit these areas without compromising the rest of your bite, or the bone structure surrounding them.

Choosing Mini Implants

Dr. Carmazi may recommend mini dental implants for situations like:

  • Stabilizing removable dentures for a more secure fit
  • Replacing a missing, non-load bearing tooth
  • Same day tooth replacement

In most cases, mini implants are preferred for retrofitting or creating new removable prosthetics, when your current denture is too uncomfortable to wear. A bad “fit” can lead to pain, bone loss, embarrassment, and the inability to eat the foods you love. Consequently, it may also impact your self-esteem and social life. In such cases, as few as 2-4 mini implants can keep your denture in place all day long, so that you don’t have to worry about it rocking, slipping, or rubbing.

Fortunately, mini dental implants make modern tooth replacement an option to non-traditional implant patients, without sacrificing the quality of your treatment.

Find out if our mini dental implants in Brooklyn, NY are right for you. Schedule a complimentary consultation with implant dentist, Dr. Malka Carmazi to learn more. Most insurance plans are accepted, and affordable financing options are available.