Your Place for Family Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY

Are you looking for a Brooklyn, NY dental office where your entire family is welcome? Dr. Malka Carmazi is a family dentist with experience treating patients of all ages and backgrounds (including children and individuals with special needs.)

Some of the service we’re able to offer to families like yours include:

Six Month Checkups — Most major dental problems can be prevented through regular preventive care. We’ll show you new ways to keep gum disease at bay and combat tooth decay before it starts.

Preventive Cleanings — A gentle cleaning removes hard tartar buildup and polishes away surface stains, for a healthier smile. Our hygienist will show you how to clean those hard-to-reach areas, or combat embarrassing problems like halitosis (bad breath.)

Oral Cancer Screenings — You don’t have to use tobacco to be at risk of developing this dangerous disease. Early screening is the best way to save lives. Dr. Carmazi examines each patient for signs of precancerous tissues during their periodic exams.

Dental Care for Kids — The health of your child’s smile now, will impact the development and health of their adult teeth. Instead of trying to find a pediatric dentist in Brooklyn, NY, you can bring your entire family to our office for complete oral health care. Dr. Carmazi goes a step above to ensure your little one’s experience is a positive one!

Preventive Sealants and Fluoride — A child’s smile is especially susceptible to tooth decay. Protective sealants and fluoride help prevent enamel from becoming demineralized in cavity-prone areas.

Periodontal Therapy — Gum disease is one of the main causes of adult tooth loss. If you have symptoms of swollen, bleeding, or receding gums, ask about our non-surgical periodontal treatments. We’ll screen for gum disease during each exam so that it can be intercepted as early as possible.

Schedule Your Family’s Visit Today

We make family dentistry in Brooklyn, NY as convenient as possible. Our scheduling coordinators will help you find a time to bring everyone together, so that you don’t have to make multiple trips back and forth across town. Your schedule is already busy enough!

Call now to set up your first appointment. New patients are always welcome.