Same Day Emergency Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY

When you’re in pain, time matters. Dr. Malka Carmazi offers fast relief and emergency dentistry in Brooklyn, NY to new and existing patients alike.

Is it Really a Dental Emergency?

It’s common to be unsure of whether or not your situation is an actual emergency. If you’re in pain, can’t eat, or are experiencing a condition that makes it too embarrassing to go to work or school, then we need to see you right away.

Some of the most common types of dental emergencies that Dr. Carmazi treats, include:

  • Toothaches
  • Broken, chipped, or knocked out teeth
  • Swelling and dental abscesses
  • Loose fillings and crowns

The First Thing to do if You Break a Tooth

If you’ve experienced a dental injury, you need to see out emergency dentistry in Brooklyn, NY within the next hour. The sooner Dr. Carmazi can see you, the better chance you have at saving your tooth.

Look for any broken tooth fragments, if possible. Although it might be your first instinct to scrub them clean, don’t. Doing so could damage the microscopic fibers or surfaces that aid in reimplanting or reattaching the tooth. Visible dirt or other debris can be gently rinsed off under running water.

Store your tooth or chipped enamel in a fluid-filled, sealed container, preferably one with milk or contact solution. Adults who can be especially careful, can put the fragment inside of their cheek, to keep it moisturized with saliva (just make sure not to swallow it!)

A fully avulsed (knocked out) tooth should be reimplanted as quickly as possible. Some people are able to reinsert the tooth with no problems, while others cannot. Once it’s placed back into the socket, Dr. Carmazi will splint it to an adjacent tooth, so that it can heal. A root canal may be needed if the tooth does not respond to emergency treatment and the nerve dies.

Paying for Emergency Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY

Being able to pay for your dental care shouldn’t be the deciding factor as to whether or not you’re able to get emergency treatment. Our practice will work with your insurance carrier to help you limit any out of pocket expenses involved. Flexible payment plans are also available to ease the unexpected monetary strain caused by a dental emergency. Call now.