Missing Teeth? Our Dentures in Brooklyn, NY Can Help

For fast, affordable tooth replacement, getting dentures in Brooklyn, NY may be one of your very best choices. Thanks to our custom denture design process, you can enjoy a comfortable, confident bite that restores your ability to smile with confidence and enjoy your time spent around family and friends.

Full Dentures

Sometimes referred to as “plates,” full arch dentures cover the entire upper or lower jawline, replacing all of the respective teeth in that arch at one time. With thorough maintenance and self-care, a quality denture can last for several years.

Partial Denture Options

When possible, we aim to preserve any healthy, natural teeth that remain. Rather than extract them and design a full denture, a slimmer partial denture is preferred. Partials snap into place around your other teeth, securing them in the mouth but providing the capability of replacing several teeth at once.

Depending on the type of partial denture you prefer, your prosthesis can be mounted onto a metal base or an acrylic one, for enhanced aesthetic purposes.

Loose Dentures? Ask About Implant Stabilization

Implant supported overdentures fit securely over traditional or mini dental implants to keep them in place all day long. As few as two or four implants can be effective. In some cases, your current dentures can even be retrofitted to attach onto new dental implants, so that you can avoid using adhesive strips or paste.

“Which Denture is Right for Me?”

Restoring your smile’s health and function requires detailed care from an experienced professional. Dr. Malka Carmazi is here to assist you in restoring and rehabilitating your smile, no matter what it’s been through in the past.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Carmazi today to learn more about how our dentures in Brooklyn, NY can help you enjoy the health and confidence that you deserve.