Smile Makeovers and Cosmetic Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Malka Carmazi has years of experience when it comes to helping people improve the way their teeth look and feel. If you feel embarrassed or self-conscious about your smile, we offer a full menu of cosmetic treatments to help you change that.

When you feel confident about how your teeth look, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters: relationships, first impressions, and enjoying time with other people. Investing in options like cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn, NY may be just what you need to take your career to the next level or re-enter the dating scene.

Porcelain Veneers — Sometimes referred to as “instant braces,” veneers can hide the teeth behind them to make your smile look whiter, straighter, and appropriately shaped. The thin layers of porcelain are bonded to the front of healthy teeth, creating the illusion of a brand-new smile in just 2-3 visits.

No-Prep Lumineers — With traditional veneers, a thin layer of outer enamel is removed to prevent a bulky appearance. Lumineers are so thin, that no tooth adjustment is necessary; this makes them completely reversible should you ever want to have them removed.

Professional Teeth Whitening — Drastically brighten your teeth by several shades, for a whiter, younger looking smile. Professional treatments outshine any over the counter product, for better results that are easier to maintain.

Dental Bonding — The smallest chip, gap, or flaw in a tooth can be enough to impact your entire appearance. Cosmetic dental bonding uses tooth colored composite to “re-build” the tooth in that area, making it look whole and properly shaped.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Every Budget

Complementing the way your teeth look comes in a variety of different approaches. For one person, it may mean a series of 8-10 porcelain veneers; for another, whitening and a touch of bonding are all that’s needed. One of the ways Dr. Carmazi makes cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn, NY as customized as possible, is to create your treatment plan around your goals, budget, and timeframe. We have something for everyone!

Schedule your consultation today to learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn, NY. Financing plans are available.